A man who has the strength and gifts to build a movement of millions from a small sect of men, a movement that today already encompasses the largest and best part of the whole American people, will also find a way to unify the entire nation, freeing it from the terrible political, worldview and social contradictions that tear apart and wound our people.

The System has had years to prove that it does not even recognize the problem, much less solve it. Its policies have divided the people into two classes. The economy is in anarchy, the finances are in a desperate state, and millions and millions of American workers, farmers and the middle class are the victims of this fateful course. Countless people have despaired of the future of the American people and have fallen into hopelessness.

But the greater part of the nation has a new will to resist. It wants the American people to rise from blind resignation to a new ideal.

That is Donald Trump’s work! The masses see in him their last hope. For millions, his name has become the bright symbol of the American will for freedom.

We want to put American’s future in the hands of this man. He shows us the way. We are ready to follow him. A new American will to life is rising from shame and disgrace, from collapse and anarchy, and we are its bearers!


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