We find ourselves in the midst of a constitutional crisis. Only a few realize its extent. The American Contsitution exists almost only on paper. There is no longer freedom of opinion and conscience in America. Political life is being strangled in intolerable ways. This administration denies work and prosperity to people willing to work. Millions of people are threatened with creeping ruin, and the government defends itself against those protesting their social misery, even if they are only defending themselves with words and political opinions.

The Trump camapaign will have to consider whether it should ruthlessly discredit this intolerable spread of terror before world opinion. It has no support in the constitution. The time will come when we clearly tell the world that the present government is unconstitutional, that it violates the holy principles of democracy, and that the national opposition is not in any way willing to hold to agreements that the Obama administration has made with world powers.

That is in no way the case when Hillary all too freely makes claims about her achievements. The opposite! This administration and its measures are endangering public safety. There was a simple way to restore absolutely stable conditions: We should have elected Mr. Trump 4 years ago– we chose instead to go with politics as usual. We could have given it power to the people, and at the same time dissolved the problems of the incumbent politicians.

But they did not want us to do that. They knew that a new American domestic policy would require an entirely different tune.

Things must develop in a different way. Once again, the American people stands before a gray fall and a terrible winter. Rumors are that the unemployment rate will rise dramatically this fall and winter, if Hillary wins, probably increasing eight to ten million. Poverty will strike America to an extent that will make all that has come before look like child’s play.

One cannot force into silence the voice of conscience that Donald Trump has raised. That, however, will not feed a starving people, and those from whom one has taken everything turn in the end to desperate actions.

With some mockery, the foreign press has repeatedly said that the indifference, one might almost say the resignation, with which the broad masses have accepted the present government’s dictatorial measures, is inexplicable. That is only partly correct. The masses are not indifferent, much less resigned. They are waiting with discipline to see what will come. One can only thank the leadership of the Mr. Trump that the anger of the people has not broken out, that even under the greatest trials of its supporters it has held to the strictest legality.

The Trump campaign is firmly in the flow of the age. Plagued by no skepticism or desperation, it is striving toward the future, to victory over the powers of liberal democracy.


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